FUNCTIONAL. DECORATIVE. INNOVATIVE. Our epoxy coatings can be applied to any concrete flooring surface. Whether it is new construction, remodeling projects or facility improvements…SwedeBro can help.

Commercial Services

SwedeBro is a professional epoxy concrete floor coatings installer. At SwedeBro, with 20 years experience we are uniquely qualified in analyzing a facilities flooring needs. Whether a floor is unattractive, slippery, soiled, requires moisture mitigation, cracking or peeling…SwedeBro can provide a solution. We partner with our clients by developing solutions tailored to their needs. This allows for budget limitations, the desire for aesthetically pleasing look and the necessary maintenance requirements. The result is an eye-catching, long-lasting and decorative floor. Based in the Twin Cities we service Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Whenever the situation arises where a concrete floor is in need of coating, Swedebro will provide the finest, most professional solution.

Multi-Family Services

Multi-housing is a fast growing industry segment. More and more people are renting these days and they want to have the best amenities available to them. It's Minnesota and it's cold in the winter. Prospective tennants want nice, clean and well maintained indoor parking spaces. Maintenance of these spaces will also be a cost savings over expensive concrete repairs. We also offer decorative, yet functional options for pools, patios or walkways, and even laundry areas. Explore our photos or give us a call for more options available to you and your facility.