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We are a local family owned and operated concrete leveling business. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your concrete raised. You’ve come to the right place. Based in Minnesota, we're close to many areas of western Wisconsin and the Minneapolis Metro area. Fill out our free quote request form on our website, and Scott and his team will give you a personalized quote to raise your sunken concrete on the spot. Based on your preferences, we'll either print a paper copy of your quote and leave it at your location or we can email you one, complete with pictures and a final price.

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Concrete leveling fixes uneven concrete surfaces by injecting a solution underneath the slab, which raises it to the desired level. Uneven concrete slabs are often caused by poor soil conditions. If you have an uneven slab, usually the concrete itself is in good condition. It’s simply the ground underneath the concrete that has settled away and needs filling. There are a few different names for this process, each with a slightly different method of getting the same result: Mudjacking-Polyjacking-Foam Leveling-Slabjacking-Concrete Raising-Sandjacking-Pressure Grouting. We use polyurethane to raise concrete. It is the best solution for concrete leveling. Read more about the advantages of polyjacking. Concrete Leveling Benefits: Far and away, the greatest benefit of concrete leveling is that it fixes your uneven concrete at a much lower cost than replacing the concrete. The savings ranges from 30%-70%, depending on the project. Other concrete leveling benefits: No demolition-No landscaping necessary after repair-More environmentally friendly than concrete replacement-Polyurethane displaces water and adheres to underside of slab-Seals cracks and joints from underneath-Same day use-Polyurethane never loses density-Cures in about 15 minutes-Polyurethane naturally fills any voids, preventing future settlement. Concrete Leveling Applications: There are many applications for concrete leveling. The most common is on sidewalks. Our polyurethane solution is perfect for raising sidewalks and other common concrete leveling applications: sidewalks, patios, driveways, steps, stoops, porches, curbs and gutters, basement floors, pool decks, garage floors, garage aprons, any concrete floor. How The Concrete Leveling Process Works: To start this process, first you need a quote to raise your settled concrete. Once Chad has stopped by, he will email you a price quote. If you are satisfied, just email him back, and he will put you on the schedule. Chad and his crew can do the job without ever impacting your schedule. There is no need for you to be present for us to do all external repairs. We’ll get started on leveling your concrete as soon as possible. step by step process of concrete leveling Leveling concrete is really quite simple… as long as you have the right equipment. Superior Polyjacking has the latest technology in concrete leveling tools. As the picture shows, we will drill small 5/8 inch diameter holes into the concrete slab that needs to be raised. We then run a hose from our custom polyjacking truck to the affected concrete slab. Polyurethane is then injected through the holes to fill any voids underneath, which raises the concrete. The holes are then patched with cement, which takes less than a hour to set. The affected concrete slab is now fixed and ready for use.