Skyline Real Estate Services

Skyline Real Estate Services

Skyline Real Estate Services is Minnesota’s premier property management company. We specialize in fee management, renovations, lease-ups and project management for multi-family properties throughout the Twin Cities! Our goal is to maximize your property to it’s fullest potential.

Multi-Family Services

Rental Property Management - We manage multi-family properties, however many units they may have. We keep existing tenants satisfied by immediately responding to their requests for maintenance, establishing a warm relationship with them, and maintaining or improving their home to the owner’s specifications. We furthermore strictly adhere to our clients’ standards for their new tenants, taking into consideration variables such as debt and credit score. We do not become complacent, and continually seek ways to make our clients’ investments more profitable without sacrificing superlative service. Rental Property Renovation - Skyline has substantial experience renovating multi-family properties to their most profitable condition. In the past we have transformed several distressed apartment buildings into sterling ones, with new granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and laminate flooring. Our methodical approach to renovation guarantees our clients the best available prices on materials and labor. As a matter of course we consider our client’s budget for their renovations, if they have allotted one, and see to it that they receive the greatest value for their investment in their property’s condition. We additionally manage the construction of new multi-family properties from the ground up.

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