Satin Touch

Satin Touch

Satin Touch is a professional Residential and Commercial, and Multi-housing painting and cleaning company serving the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul areas. Make your life, business or home less stressful by choosing Satin Touch today.

Commercial Services

We provide simple paintwork or custom painting services to reinvent your commercial property For every job, our detailers provide an eye for detail that ensures the highest quality look of the finished product. Cleaning - We clean every inch of your Commercial rooms. We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies or any special cleansers/devices you may require, respect the off-limits areas you outline, and perform scheduled cleaning of seasonal rooms/outdoors areas. Carpet Cleaning - We provide basic carpet cleaning, deodorizing and stain removal, black light services, and pet urine and odor treatments. Our carpet cleaning services are backed by our 100% guarantee, and we welcome insurance claims. Maintenance & Repair - Our Detailers can repair most anything in a residential or commercial property. Trash Outs - We remove all items left in a residential and commercial properties. Wow your guests and prospective clients the minute they walk into the property that has received our Satin 'Touch'.

Multi-Family Services

As vendors to the Multi-housing industry in Minnesota, we know how important fast turnovers are at your property. And that's what we do - and we do it the best. We provide the Twin Cities and surrounding areas with a one-call solution for your property's repairs, painting, cleaning & carpet services. Satin Touch realizes you have better things to do with your time than manage your vendors. Our professionals at Satin Touch are consistently thorough, insured and supervised. We bring in our own equipment and supplies - no, we won't ask you for a ladder or tape. Satin Touch VISITS your property - we don't move in - we get the job done quickly with flexible scheduling and satisfaction guaranteed. Turnover Guarantee - With a contract with Satin Touch, you’re ensured that at the end of the month, your apartments will look their best for potential renters, and you save on employment taxes and potential workman’s comp claims. And, if you are not 100% satisfied, contact us by 11:00 AM the next day and we will come back and correct any problem areas. If you still aren’t satisfied, you pay nothing. Satin Touch is proud to be your chosen vendor to take care of all your property painting & cleaning needs.

Home Services

Satin Touch's Residential division specializes in giving you what you are looking for. We perform painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, maintenance and repairs of all kinds for our Residential clients. Property Protection - Before a project begins, our detailers scan the room for items or edges that need to be protected from any paint or cleaning agent. We take great care in safely covering and moving any items in the room. Painting, Deep Cleaning or Carpet Cleaning - Our detailers perform their tasks resetting a room to its original state or reinventing your room to meet your vision for homeowners. Clean Up - After our detailers have completed their work, they will remove any trace of ever being there – tools, coverings, tape, etc. Client Inspection - Our job isn’t done until you’ve inspected the room yourself.

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