McDonough’s Water Jetting & Drain Cleaning

2270 Capp Road

St. Paul, MN 55113

Phone Number : 651-436-3370

As a diversified company, McDonough’s Water Jetting & Drain Cleaning wears many hats. We do plumbing and drain cleaning, perform water jetting, inspection plumbing and sewers, and vacuum out waste pits. We also clean up spills, power wash graffiti, prevent back-ups, clean out grease traps, and much, much more. For over 20 years, family-owned McDonough’s Water Jetting & Drain Cleaning company has been serving the Twin Cities area with big jobs, small jobs, and everything in-between. Some more of our services: water jetting, auger, snake, video, root removal, 24-hour emergency service, preventative maintenance, power-washing, de-Icing, industrial vacuuming. McDonough’s Water Jetting & Drain Cleaning carries a $5 Million insurance policy.

For our Multi-family housing clients, we know that when a tenant calls, screaming about their overflowing drain, it's already too late. But why not call a well known competitor like Roto Rooter®? How is McDonough’s different from Roto Rooter® or Mr. Rooter®? Why not call one of the “Rooter” companies to clear your backed up drain? We’re all are in the sewer business – and these are good competitors. But McDonough’s stands apart from the Roto Rooter® and Mr. Rooter® franchises because we’re a solid, integrity-minded, family-owned company. McDonough’s is detail-oriented and client-focused. We maintain a database with all of the details of every job we perform, and each of our drain technicians carries a smart phone connected to that database. That way, no matter which technician shows up to help you, they know any and all of the previous details. We know what to expect and this saves you time, headaches, and mostly, saves you money. At McDonough’s, we’ve been focused on drain cleaning over 20 years. All of our drain technicians are highly trained, safety minded, professional, clean-cut individuals, hand picked to uphold the McDonough’s standard. Roto Rooter® and Mr. Rooter® are franchises, meaning that each franchise owner sets their own employment standards, allowing for inconsistencies. McDonough’s holds all of our drain technicians to the same high standard. McDonough’s has two shops, both of which are centrally located in Minneapolis St. Paul, allowing us to get to your job faster.

Don’t let your productivity go down the drain! You’ve spent years perfecting your business. Now let us help you protect your investment. McDonough's has experience serving the following industries: restaurants, night clubs, plumbing companies, mechanical companies, municipalities, rail road, emergency spill response.

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