Kings III Emergency Communications

Kings III Emergency Communications

What We’re About

Earning the trust of our customers, their guests and the community by providing safe, caring and helpful emergency response.

Developing creative life safety technologies through the talent, innovation and ideas or our people.

Ensuring excellence among employees by fostering a family culture of encouragement, gratitude and respect.

Customer Care

At Kings III our primary focus is serving the customer. As a private company, we don’t have to cut corners to make quarterly profit goals. As a result, our customer retention rate is amazingly high at 98%.

Most important to you is that we stand behind what we sell and service. If there is a problem, we fix it. Period. We are in the emergency phone business and understand that our products must work when needed.

Kings III makes it easy as a single point-of-contact for all your emergency response needs. With expertise in line connectivity, compliance codes, equipment maintenance, and safety protocol, we offer the total package.

Multi-Family Services

With Kings III, your emergency calls will be responded to in a consistent manner. Our emergency dispatchers are more highly trained than is often required in 911 facilities, providing pre-arrival medical instruction to callers as needed. We also offer response in more than 175 languages. All emergency phone equipment is included as part of our all-inclusive solution at no extra cost. As code requirements tighten, it becomes increasingly important to trust an emergency phone expert when choosing among the myriad of solutions available. Our help phones are designed, assembled and supported in the USA. We design our equipment with code compliance and caller experience in mind, staying at the forefront of code and technology changes.