J.G. Hause Construction

J.G. Hause Construction

Multi-family Construction Services!
JG Hause Construction, Inc. has been expertly constructing and remodeling community and multi-family living structures since 1985!
At some point, every structure needs an update or replacement. Building and maintaining multi-unit structures requires expertise and knowledge beyond typical residential construction. We have worked closely with property management companies and associations, and we understand what they are looking for out of a full-service construction contractor.

Multi-Family Services

Our 34 years in business gives us the experience and expertise to take control of your project and make your job easier. From exterior design services to material selections, estimating, project management, logistics and site supervision, our staff will take charge of the seemingly daunting task and allow you to focus on the results that matter. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. There are times when problems occur, but we never walk away from a problem. We are committed to the project until the job is done and done right. If you have a multifamily repair or update, we’d be happy to sit down with you and talk about your project! - Roofing & Siding - JG Hause Construction has a proven track record when it comes to quality roof and siding installations. We are equipped with over 34 years of experience and advanced knowledge of proper construction methods and product installation processes necessary to ensure both the structural integrity and the lasting value of your properties. Window & Deck Replacements - Keep your properties safe and energy-efficient with professionally and correctly installed windows. Our team of experienced window installers go the extra mile to ensure your windows are secured and installed the right way the first time. We also have 34 years of experience installing decks and railing systems. Inspections - How old is your roof, siding, window system or deck? What condition is it in? Has it sustained any hail or wind damage? JG Hause Construction will perform a professional inspection and document deterioration, defect or storm damage so you know how to proceed with your investment.Repairs & Maintenance - Maintenance of your property’s exterior will extend its life and prevent future leaks that can lead to rotted sheathing, wet insulation and interior sheetrock, and dangerous mold. If you are unsure about your property’s needs, give JG Hause a call for a free inspection.

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