Ecola Termite and Pest Control

Termite problems in multi-unit and mixed-use communities can be a hassle for property owners/managers and tenants alike. As an owner you want to get the job done as quickly as possible; minimize the disruption to the lives of your tenants; reduce the revenue loss associated with an extended fumigation; and manage the varying needs of your residents

Multi-Family Services

For over 30 years ECOLA has catered to the needs of multi-tenant property owners and property management firms. Our unique approach to termite control allows us to individualize solutions that minimize the hassle and costs associated with termite eradication. We accomplish this by addressing your specific needs. We begin by having one of our expert inspectors look at your property. Once the problem areas have been identified they will develop a solution that is appropriate to you and your tenants specific needs. We will target the specific area where the termites live rather than immediately recommending a full-structure treatment. This has the benefit of saving you and your tenants the stress of preparing for a full-structure treatment and the costs associated with them too. ECOLA Inspectors are well versed in the uses of our technologies. We can offer traditional treatments or the latest non-chemical and low-toxicity Alternative Treatments. We can reduce the time and cost of an extended move-out by localizing the treatment to the specific problem areas or using ECOLA Heat in lieu of fumigation. In fact, according to the California Department of Consumer Affairs heat and fumigation are the only two treatment solutions suitable for full-structure or “whole-house” termite eradication. This means that no matter what your needs are, ECOLA has the tools to address it. Discover how ECOLA Termite & Pest Management can work for you. Call us today at 800-332-BUGS (2847) to learn more about ECOLA’s termite services for multi-tenant facilities