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MicroShield 360 s an EPA registered and FDA approved coating system. MicroShield 360 is not a chemical disinfectant. It is a proprietary solution that is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, allowing it to be used on virtually any surface within any environment.

Multi-Family Services

MicroShield 360 uses a mechanical process unlike chemical disinfectants which are quickly rendered inactive. This mechanical process allows MicroShield 360 to remain working on a surface 24/7 for up to a year. MicroShield 360 also doesn’t allow for resistances to be formed, which can occur with other disinfectants. After water and or mold damage it is important to prevent mold growth or further growth and damage. Professionally applying MicroShield 360 to the affected and surrounding area is the best way to do that. Our two step proprietary process disinfects and coats the surfaces using an electrostatic sprayer that covers the surface more completely than conventional sprayers, wipes... With one single application product integrity on exposed surfaces can last up to 1 year, and up to 10 years in construction materials.