Welcome to BluCanopyThe Simple Way to Get Low-Cost Renters Insurance
If you are looking to get the perfect renters insurance easily, affordably and quickly, then BluCanopy is the answer. You have enough to budget for. We’ll make sure you receive top-notch renters coverage at a fraction of the cost of other policies.

Comprehensive Renters Coverage for Anyone
Live in a rental home? You probably know that you have to take care of it. You also have property and other assets you want to safeguard. That’s why you need renters insurance. BluCanopy is here to help you get the ideal, precise coverage for your rental home without the hassle.
You don’t have time to spend hours searching the web for the right renters insurance. And you don’t need to be sandwiched into buying a policy that isn’t right for you just because you need to buy online. BluCanopy will maximize the benefits you can receive, all with the convenience of fast online services.

Our Coverage Offerings
We offer full renters insurance for homes, apartments and condominiums, for rural or urban properties and for every renter of every age. Coverage options can include personal liability coverage, possessions insurance, living expenses protection and more. Do you have a four legged friend? We can cover pet bite liability as well.

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