Affordapro Window and Pressure Cleaning

There are two ways to clean a building or roof. One way could shorten the life of your building, while the other can help lengthen it.

Lower pressure means longer life. With Affordapro, our combination of technology, experience and attention to detail cleans your commercial property better and helps ad years to it’s life.

The conventional way is to use harsh chemicals, crank the pressure all the way up to 1,000 pounds per square inch, stand back, and let’er rip. In addition to damaging your paint, it can create cracks and openings so small they’re invisible. But those cracks can be big enough to let in moisture, mold and mildew creep in and start rotting your siding from the inside out.

Then there’s the Affordapro way. We work close up, with only 4 to 20 percent as much pressure and gentle but effective cleaners. That keeps your paint intact and prevents those cracks from forming!

Multi-Family Services

With Affordapro our combination of technology, experience and attention to detail cleans your property better and helps add years to its lifetime. We pressure wash siding. It doesn't matter if your building is wood, vinyl siding, brick or stucco. Affordapro's two-step pressure-washing process doesn't just make it sparkle. We help it last for more years to come. When cleaning windows, even the best soaps can leave your windows with unsightly steaks and spots. That's why, we only use pure water. Hate those ugly black streaks and stains on your roof? Add years to your roof by treating it gently with antibacterial detergents at low pressure to kill the mold, lichen and mildew without harming the shingles. With sidewalks and driveways our technicians use an industrial-grade surface scrubbing machine with high-power water flow to clean away years of dirt and grime. And now offering disinfecting services as well. Our products are CDC approved to kill all known viruses and germs. The new normal is here and disinfecting will be a part or our everyday life. Our team is prepared to help you make your space as clean as possible.

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