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DIAM Pest Control


All Diam employees are tested and licensed by the State of Iowa. Some 500 man-hours are devoted to education and training programs every year. Businesses need to run at top efficiency to stay profitable. You need to eliminate distractions, including pests like insects and rodents.

Franklin Pest Solutions


Trusted to help landlords and property managers fulfill pest control responsibilities. An important aspect of your legal duties as a property manager or owner is to maintain the cleanliness, safety, and overall health of your property for your tenants. We are here to help you protect your residents, your property, and your reputation when it comes to pests.

Moxie Pest Control


General Pest Package A wide variety of pests could potentially invade your home and yard. That’s why we offer the General Pest Package – A basic program that will combat the more common invaders. For those super-pests that demand extra resources to manage, you can supplement the General Pest Package with one of our Add-On Programs.

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