Cost Saving Strategies in Window Cleaning

There are many reasons to clean the windows on your property. Among them, it makes everything look better, it improves the mood of your tenants and residents, and it reduces the natural buildup of grime that eventually results in the decay of your seals. But when making that decision you could be spending more money than you need to. Here are some strategies for improving your bottom line while still getting great service and quality:

#1. Look at your calendar.

I know a lot of you are dealing with fiscal year considerations, but a little forward planning can result in a significant change in your proposals. Window cleaning companies work on both residential and commercial properties. They tend to be very busy with that residential workload in the Spring and Fall, particularly the months of May, June, and October. But in the middle of the summer, August for instance, and at the start of Spring, they are searching for work.

Ask about the summer slump when you talk to your contractor. See if there’s a discount. In my business here in the Twin Cities we’ve called it the State Fair Discount for many years. If the work is completed before the end of the State Fair, you get a deal.

If you have some flexibility, you could ask for first available in March, depending on weather. A lot of window cleaning businesses will jump at the chance to get good jobs on those first nice days.

#2. Ask about the equipment.

Of course this depends on the height of your property and the condition and age of your windows, but cleaning companies have a lot of options these days. What we call mid-rise jobs that used to be done with boom or articulated lifts, can often be done today with pure water and waterfed poles with brushes. The technology has advanced quite a bit and the quality is fantastic. We are often saving thousands of dollars a week just in equipment rentals, with the added benefit that we aren’t risking damage to your landscaping or pavement. 5, 6 and even some 7 story buildings can now be done more safely and economically from the ground. So ask about their strategies for completing the work when you send out your requests.

#3. Combine Services.

Often this goes without saying, but so many times I discuss our additional services with property managers only to find them surprised that we can give them a discount for choosing two or three different services throughout the year. You might need a building wash, high-reach cobweb removal, interior high dusting, patios power washed, and your gutters cleaned. When offered to a single vendor they probably will be happy to extend savings across the board and coordinate that work to save on trips and equipment use.

#4. Remember the Weather.

With weather dependent work like ours, we never forget about it. We watch the weather channel like others watch sports. We even compare forecasters and have favorites. It is a blessing when a property manager helps us out with the weather. If we have your building or complex on the schedule in a couple weeks and a rain day hits, we’d love to send a couple of crews early to get the insides of the common areas and other interior work done in advance. This kind of flexibility helps our schedule out and allows us to be even quicker when we come on our scheduled days to do the work. If you have that kind of flexibility, it will reflect in a discount for sure.

These strategies should help you out and give a little insight into our world, that of the window cleaner. Enjoy your view.

By Rick Wren, Owner of Wren Windows